Artifact Sculpture: from ancient times to the Present Day

Artifact Sculpture: from ancient times to the Present Day

For those who do not know what an artifact sculpture is, this word is defined as an object that was made by man – it can be a tool or a work of art, clothing or decoration; most importantly an object that is of archeological interest. To read about Some examples of remarkable works for art lovers, click at

Ancient artifact

Ancient artifacts are both rare and extraordinary, and they grant abilities that are far beyond the scope of technology. They are also invariably old — it is believed that the older, the better. Newly invented super-science devices, no matter how awesome, cannot usually compete with ancient artifacts. Most artifacts are unique. This means each artifact is one of its own kinds. In fantasy world, the tools and weapons of gods are the textbook example of ancient artifacts. In a non-fantasy world, artifacts are frequently forgotten ancient technology of lost civilization.

Artifacts of the present

In today’s world, creation of artifact sculpture is not just an art. It needs years of practice and commitment to become a professional artifact sculptor. The main uses of modern day artifact sculpting have been in the field of architecture. It is either formed as a part of the interior or exterior of the buildings itself or has been placed against or near the building as an adjunct to it. Nowadays, artifact sculptures are common for ceremonial as well as ritualistic items such as bishop’s croziers, censers, tabernacles, sacred book covers etc. Further information about power of rituals in life can be obtained by clicking here.

Artifact Sculpture: from ancient times to the Present Day

Artifact sculpture carving

There are several materials that are used in the field of artifact sculpture. The ancient history sculptors might be using stones, wood, wax or ivory. Stones and ivory are not necessarily easy materials to use as they are heavy and hard to control. This is the reason the modern day sculptor uses mostly wood. It is easy to control. The important part of artifact sculpting is selecting the right tool for carving. Whatever material you use, the principle of carving remains the same. Every project starts with the mass of material. The main job of a sculptor is to reduce this mass into a desired form.

Tools and techniques

Tools and techniques mainly depend on the type of material you are using. It is guessed that the ancient time sculptors might have been using natural sharp stony objects to create their masterpieces. Professional sculptors of the modern era use tools made of steel because they are easy to help them carve into wooden material. Using each tool needs a specific level of professionalism as the materials used for sculpting are hard and very rigid.

General methods

Ancient time artifacts did not have any processes or techniques involved. They were just pieces of art that were made by the ancient time historians. Present day sculpting techniques conform to the following methods – commission, preparation, forming, surfacing and installation of the artifact. The main part of a modern day artifact sculptor’s work is to shape the material. Some sculptors also use revolutionized metals in recent years. A combination of welding and forging techniques are also used.


Ancient artifact sculptures are considered as sacred pieces of art because of the techniques and tools, sacred powers or rituals that might have been used. Present day artifact sculptures are considered sacred because of the professionalism, implementation, idea imagery, designing and craftsmanship.