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Practice and Principles on creation of artifact Sculpture artifact Sculpture

Practice and Principles on creation of artifact Sculpture

Creation of artifact sculpture is not just an art. It need years of practice and commitment to become a professional artifact sculptor. First of all, it is important to know the meaning of this particular work. An artifact could be any object shaped or made by a human. On the other hand, a sculpture is the art of shaping figures done by a sculptor. It took many years of my life to figure out how to put these two terms together in a meaningful way. Lots and lots of traveling is also necessary. I actually am an addict to traveling. I was able to visit some of world’s best artifact sculptures and to study them closely thanks to my addiction. On the other hand, there are also some important principles to understand as well. If you are interested in getting information about Some examples of remarkable works for art lovers, click at

The pattern

First of all, you have to understand that creation of artifact sculpture has a certain pattern. This pattern contains some important events. The first event is the preparation; next one is the submission and then there is acceptance of the design; the selection and preparation of materials comes next; the forming of materials is the next step; surface finishing could be your next important task after that the final stage, which is installation or presentation of the artifact. To read more information about sculpture patterns, click here.

Practice and Principles on creation of artifact Sculpture


There are several materials we use in the field of artifact sculpture. It could be stones, woods or perhaps even ivory. I myself prefer wood. Stones are not an easy material to use as they are heavy and hard to control. Using stones also need a good financial support. On the other hand, wood is the easier to control. Whatever material you use; you have to have precious suitable tools. If you have right tools, you can go for the next step of the project, the carving. The main principle of carving remains the same for almost all kinds of materials. Every project starts with a mass of materials. The job of sculptor is the reduce it artistically to represent the desired form. Usually, the sculptor creates the outer limits first. When the work progresses, surface details, including even the smaller once, come in to view. Then come the finishing touches which finalize the job. If you have a guiding model (could be a picture), the job become much easier for you.

Tools and techniques

Carving tools and techniques entirely depends upon the materials you use for your job. It also can differ from sculptor to sculptor. Professional sculptors usually develop tools and techniques which are unique to themselves. Basically, stones are carved with tools made of steels. There are other tools and processes too which are used to polish and give finishing touches to a stone sculpture. Woods are also carved with tools made of steel. But there are some different set of tools and processes to use when the wok is progressing.


There is also a term called modeling in the modern day sculpture field. In this form, the sculpture grows from inside. Sculptors who use this method usually use numerous plastic materials to build their sculptures. Other than that, synthetic resins, concrete and even clay can be used as a media for modeling.…