Comprehensive approach to design sculptures

Comprehensive approach to design sculptures


Sculptures are artifacts made through different process. Their reflections and portrayal serves different purposes. They are usually found in archives. There are two types of sculptures designing approach, the add system where there’s increase in materials to create a form and decreasing one where deductions are made to make sculpture. Consider the following steps on making a sculpture.

How to add up Sculptures

Step 1. Draw a sketch

Make drawings using many angles of the sculpture you want to make. It doesn’t have to be perfect of from an artist. Its main purpose is to provide guidance and directions to you. Take note on the areas that needs more concentration. To read more information about sculpture angles, click here.

Step 2. Stable foundation

Construct a stable foundation using your material. Can be clay, stone, wood etc. Make sure its going to resist the weight gauge of your sculpture. In this case you can also use sticks or wire to offer support to the parts of your sculpture.

Step 3. Form filling

Start with filling the under layer surface first using your desirable material. The under layer serves a purpose of cutting cost on material and weight. Material that can be used in filling are newspapers, aluminum foil or any desirable material you have.

Step 4. The filing process

Put together the filler and your immature so that the visuality of your sculpture can come through. Then start adding your large sculpting material to the smallest. Always add more but reduce less.

Step 5. Adding of details

Have a detailed adding plan. Immediately you finish up with the form, begin blending, smoothing , carving and producing fine detail. It can include eyes, nose, hair etc.

Step 6. Add textures

Insert textures to your sculptures using your own tools to make it appear real. If you want to read more information about Some examples of remarkable works for art lovers, click at

Comprehensive approach to design sculptures

Step 7. Its the baking process

Follow the producer instructions of your material. Baking process allow your sculpture to dry up.

Step 8. Enhancement stage

Tint your sculpture using a desirable shade. You can also mix media as it enhances your sculpture making it more real. You can use clothing, synthetic fibers to represent hair. You can also included other extra interest.

The other method is the reducing of Sculptures.

Step 1. Draw a sketch

Make a drawing of your sculpture. Also produce a version of your sculpture eg clay. Take measurement from the drawing making measurement marks on the clay. Always leave a room for adjusting.

Step2. Carving the basic form

Use your marked elements from the sculpture. Take note on leaving a room to make adjustments. You can take basic measurements from you sculpture.

Step 3. Measurement stage

Use a sharp measurement sculpture tools sketch jotting measurements on the material machine.

Step 4. Carving stage

Carve in the sculpture details. Chip away the material and make even details using tools appropriate for.

Step 5. Enhancement stage

Smoothen and blend in your sculpture surface and add any beauty to it. Be keen on this step. Don’t miscalculate and enjoy your sculpture.

Final thought

Sculpture making is an easy task. It only require one to be keen and cautious enough. Also when making sculptures avoid using non eco-friendly materials that will endanger your health.