Some examples of remarkable works for art lovers

Some examples of remarkable works for art lovers

I am an art lover. Always been. For me, a work of art needs to have two properties: technical mastery and most important, a high degree of creative imagination. What I am looking for as I study a work,is how the artist mixed and put together the materials, the way the creative process molded and configured raw ingredients and transform them into a beautiful piece that makes you sigh. Read more information about Comprehensive approach to design sculptures by clicking at

To love a piece of art is like answering the question “what makes you fall in love with some body else?” You can answer this question by saying that the other person has an effect on your senses that you cannot control. For an art lover is the same, a painting, a sculpture, a small clay craft,a movie, any kind of art produces a wave of effects in my senses that I just can’t control. These effects outperform my rational thinking and put me in a state of total enjoyment.

Painting, easiest way for an art lover to visual enjoy

Without a doubt, the art of painting is probably one of the best ways for an art lover to obtain instantaneous visual rewards. Let’s take for example the art of Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter who died in 1918. He was noted for his paintings, where his primary subject was the female body. “The Kiss” (1909) depicts an intimate moment, a love scene with a high degree of tenderness and affection. The bright yellows, golds and reds frame the lovers in a posture that at its time was regarded even as pornographic. Of course, by no means is it. An art paint that makes you want to be with your loved one. To get information about some painting techniques and tips, click here.

Some examples of remarkable works for art lovers

Sculpture, the intense visual art

This is a very vast art concept. To an entry-level art lover,a statue is the most representative form of the art sculpture. But, you can easily find sculptures anywhere you look around. You have, of course, traditional art sculptures from great artists like Michelangelo, Donatello, Rodin, etc. or more contemporary artists like Koons or Kapoor. But let’s focus on urban art sculpture that you can find in many large cities around the world. A great artist from this line of art is Issac Cordal, a Spanish artist whose work is based in the urban environment. His works are remarkable, intriguing, original, and mainly disruptive. For an art lover, his installments produce a tsunami of effects of all kinds in your senses. His “Cement Bleak” urban installation, are faces modeled on a grid of several colanders projecting their shadows on the pavement.

Jewelry, precious art

Art jewelry is all about creative expression and design. The use of precious materials such as gold, silver, and gemstones is only a branch of this art. The modernist jewelry involves all sort of materials from wires, leather, cheap and expensive gems,plastic, etc. that are involved to create works. The art output when all this is transform, molded and put together in pieces of art could be breathtaking and inspiring. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, earrings and more when made as a form of art artifacts, impact deeply to the true art lover.

Artworks are broad, these were only three examples of art branches that are easily identifiable and enjoyable, you don’t need to know anything about the artist to be delighted whit his or her work, just let your senses embrace the moment, and the feelings you get don’t try to control them, just let them rush through your mind.